®  - New patented fins worn by three of the top five 2007 Pro Riders:
Alistair Taylor , Ian Kruger  and Vaughn Harris  - see endorsements.

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CPhynz surf fin is a multi-purpose, high-speed, bodyboarding fin with a unique ground -clearance "amphibious" design. The fins are made from two grades of floating rubber.

CPhynz fins are suitable for all shallow-to-medium depth water sports and competitions. Lifesavers enjoy additional mobility and bodyboarders enjoy improved "on-and-around" bodyboard action.

Patented CFlexon ® Design technology raises the fin blade off the board, for superior foot grip and drop-knee maneuverability, or off the ground for walking or even running on sand. The design also includes a side-section which widens the fin working surface for maximum take-off acceleration, and spreads the load to the entire foot, thereby reducing strain to the toe and bridge of the foot.


he design yields improved fin stability with flow-by-channels close to the foot pocket. The soft rubber contoured back section effectively
eliminates strap chafing and provides a spacious non-cramping foot enclosure, soft top and arch, and firm sole section designed for speed, comfort and durability.


The fin's protruding under-sole design allows for easy navigation of ocean beds, reefs (also coral), and is great for launching off rocks. It is of special utility for those who require amphibious mobility and speed.

CPhynz endorsements

Recommended by The Sports Science Institute of South Africa …  Endorsed by Lifesavers survey results..

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SA: 2002/8315
USA: 10/065628
AUS: 2001274358
(further patents pending)